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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fantasy Rotisserie Baseball Part I

I guess Depodesta was right when he said "they only had a few years left". I'm getting fucked in my league because everybody's just as astute sabermetrically. I guess that's what happens when you join a BASEBALLPRIMER league.

Oh well, for batters, we count Total bags, OBP, and SLG.
Silly rabbits, RBI's are for kids.

For pitchers, we count Outs, K/bb, K/9, and BB/9. I'm surprised in such a lesser primate/Moneyball fanboy/DIPS is gospel league that hR/9 weren't counted as well.

And without further adue here is the stinkfest roster due to teh fact the comptuer took my first 9 players (AND TWO RELIEVERS! TWO!!! Two ex-Oakland closers too)

C V. Martínez (Cle - C)
1B S. Casey (Cin - 1B)
2B M. Bellhorn (Bos - 2B,3B)
3B E. Chávez (Oak - 3B)
SS M. Tejada (Bal - SS)
LF K. Millar (Bos - 1B,LF,RF)
CF M. Kotsay (Oak - CF)
RF A. Kearns (Cin - RF)
Util M. Young (Tex - SS)
BN E. Byrnes (Oak - LF,CF,RF)
BN V. Wells (Tor - CF)
BN M. Cuddyer (Min - 1B,2B,3B,RF)

I'm getting ownd right now because...
1) Smoehow Victor Martienz is slugging .279 right now desptie a .400 OBP (i'm not complaining about THAT though).
2) Sean casey is hitting for a .550 OPS
3) Ihave no power int he corner OF's (Kearns, Byrnes, and Kentucky fried fuckface are decent players, but not enough power for corner OF's)
4) I somehow can't use Michael Young at 2B even though he has more defensive IP's at 2B than SS
5) Kotsay is jawesome, I'm keepign him instead of Wells, but nobody would take him.


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