Whiter than Rice

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well, my summer job has finally materialized:



I will be in charge of 10 Banana kids this summer for a month. Comedy ensues. There's also supposed to be 10-15 outright Whities distributed evenly among the 20 10-kid groups, I don't expect any trouble from them. However, I was casually glancing through last year's list, and beside all their innocuous Mandarin Names were their English names and I noticed one that didn't end in "lee" or "Chen" or "Wang". There was this Chinese kids named VAZQUEZ.

We all know when people with last names like Vazquez, Rodriguez, or Buendia, there's nothing but trouble. And we KNOW they all own switchblades.

Also, there will be 20 counseleors, 5 guys and 15 women. (We had a training thing last weekend) While on the surface the sausage to hot dog bun ratio is very good, again, I have to bring in one of my favourite sayings, quantity does not equal quality.

Do you know how STATISTICALLY IMPROBABLE it is to have 0 out of 15????? If we choose to model it as a binomial distribution where the possible outcomes are "hot" or "not hot" and P is around 0.5 to 0.7 (The sample IMO is fairly selected from the general female college studnet population), chances of having ZERO out of 15 are Combination (0 out of 15)(p)^0(1-p)^15.

There isn't enough alcohol on this planet for me to be interested in ANY of them. Part of it IS concern that some 6'6 dude with a machete might walk out of a lake and cut me up, but that's only a minor concern. The main reason is still they're fugly.


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