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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Alias: I Wonder What the Writers are Smoking

Seriously, where can I get some?

The show is becoming SO UNREALISTIC that you could actually come up with enough reasons not to have relations with a character played by JENNIFER GARNER, who is at least 50 runs above replacement levels and has the added bonus of being "toolsy" and being able to play a different number of "roles".

If I were Vaughn, I would want NOTHING more to do with Sydney, for the simple reason that her family is WAY TOO FUCKED UP.

Let's see...
1) Sydney's aunt stabbed him in the back while he was torturing his ex-wife.
2) Sydney disappeared for 2 years.
3) Since 1978, he has lived with the belief that Sydney's mom, a KGB agent, killed his dad.
4) There is new evidence on the show that his dad died at the hand of Sydney's OTHER aunt, a rogue KGB agent, while saving Sydney's half sister's life.
5) Sydney's dad is an old school CIA agent whom probably doesn't like him and is suffering from radiation poisoning.
6) His boss murdered Sydney's first fiancee and her best friend and installed an evil twin in the latter's place.

That family has some issues.


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