Whiter than Rice

Monday, May 09, 2005

The End of the GYK Saga

I took the test today, prolly got 0/30 on her part, but I really don't care. She seriously needs a MRI.

I leave you with this tidbit of genius:

Therefore, virological surveillance can help us to know where the possible source of the virus of this epidemic comes from. In other words, taking specimen is the most important job when you see the patient with infectious diseases in future years and remembered that Dr. CC Kim taught you in the 3rd year of class already.

SHE'S REFERRING TO HERSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON! Only two types of people refer to themselves in the 3rd person. Crazy people, and gangster rappers, and trust me, she may have gone to UCLA, but she aint from the Streets of Compton if you know what I mean.

Normally when you see people refer to themselves in the 3rd person, it goes something like this: "Y'all better recognice Fifty Cent (note: silent second f) is all gangsta and no wanksta." (Not an exact quote, made it up as a likely example.)


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