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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The COPS drinking game

This is IMO the greatest thing Minority Unit has come up with. EVER.

Try it if you have the time/liquor availalble.

The rules are pretty simple:

1) Drink when a minority suspect shows up on the screen
2) Drink when a minority policement shows up on the screen
3) Drink when the words "dangerous minorities" is mentioned.
4) Drink when a suspect of any race is arrested with force.

It suffices to say that we get pretty drunk after 22 minutes.

Also, I really have a LOT OF BEEF with the term "dangerous minorities." So it's either "ONly a minority of members of society are dangerous", which is a dumb fuck redundant statement, or minorities are dangerous, and you really don't want me to get started on THAT.

What, White People don't commit crimes? Why is there no "dangerous majority"?

Also, in the latest "Dumb KKK Idiot meets Charles Darwin" subject:

Heritage Front Leader shot

My favourite part of the story: This guy supposedly tried to start a coup in the DOMINICA. 5 White Guys with Shotguns and a boat starting a coup in the Caribbean.

Some jokes are best not made.


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