Whiter than Rice

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

God Bless MTV

I was watching Total Request Live (for its musical value, not for the dumbass hot women that show up on the show, of course not!) yesterday, and when they played the new Britney Spears video... and I noticed something.

She was driving a PINK Hummer.

For those that aren't language experts here, I believe Hummer stand for "bullet magnet" in Terrorist.

George W, I know I haven't been very pleased with you lately and have said some nasty things about you over the internet, but if you do this ONE thing, I will hold you forever blameless and not say nasty things when Jeb Bush becomes president of the United States of Jesusland.

DRAFT BRITNEY SPEARS and have her drive that pink Humvee in Iraq.

If you do this, I will forever be in your debt.

Britney Spears fans, relax, other than possible bullet holes/RPG shrapnel, no other harm could come to her. Remember, Extreme Fundamentalists like VIRGINS.

I Heart Light Infantry Weapons.


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