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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hey Kid, Fuck You and Your Stupid Dog

If I see another "Pet Report" on the news I will walk out into the streets of Taipei, find the first dog I see, and kick it 3 times in the nads. Hard.

I've already been burnt hard with the "You are Asian you would have eaten the dogs already" jokes. So Save it.

Yes, I would have eaten the dogs in a situation like this. Better to have some dog meat instead of starve to death or heaven for bid head down to a Wal-Mart and get shot by Troops defending the fall stock of Nikes.

Everytime I watch the news there's some calamity about "dogs being left behind" or "pets drowning" or "White boy cries about losing his dog."

F!@# your dog man.

People are dying.

Pets are only a burden on the situation, as they take water and food, water and food PEOPLE DON'T HAVE.

There are two types of dogs that should get to survive in this situation:

1) Guiding Dogs for the Blind
2) Police Dogs that can help for search and rescue.

Fluffy the Chihuahua?



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