Whiter than Rice

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Off to Banana Camp Tomorrow

I will be paid a total of like 300 dollar Canadian for the two week ordeal. The way I figure it, the gains will be a lot more than 300 dollars, because they feed me and they house me, which means that I'm saving a shitload of money on my summer a/c electricity bill, which can run up to like 400 dollars Canadian a month.

Also, of note, there are no Rodriguezes or Vazquezes, but unfortuantely, violent crimes at the camp probably will not decrease due to the presence of a 15 year old 6'6 White Chick. We can probably expect the usual arrests and convictions that are encountered with THAT demographic. Somewhere Tess Grainger is sharpening her knife and polishing her brass knuckles.


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