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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kitsilano Class of 2004

I was doing a little checking on the Kitsilano 2004 (Since my cousin will be renting my house... I want to know who'll be coming over and stuff.)

HOLY KRAP it is siblings galore.

Is there anybody who ISN'T a sibling of somebody in OUR class?

Here's the list I've managed to compile so far:

Tasha McEwen
Lauren Adirim
Vaughn Richards
Henry McQueen
Maria Fumano
Buster Kruse (But again, there's like a Kruse in EVERY friggin' class)
Christina Batstone
Jordan Dalziel (Hopefully douchebaggery isn't horizontally transmitted)
Sarah Parkes
Andrea Phillips
Paul Weichel?
Nadine McGinity?
Leah's Brother?

If I missed anybody, please let me know so I can update "the list".

I'm just reading some awards stuff... they gave the JEWISH WAR MEMORIAL AWARD to some kid with the last name ZHANG! C'mon, out of that list of siblings (which is like 10 people), there are already THREE JEWS ON THE FUCKING LIST! Edit: I just realized that a list of Jewish people MAY have some negative historical connotations. I apologize if this offends anybody. YOU'D THINK YOU COULD FIND SOME JEWISH KID TO GIVE THAT AWARD TO.

I don't remember who got that award in my grade, but I'm sure he or she wasn't Jewish either.

I'm sure the Asian girl really deserved an award, but they can't they just create some "Asian Person Who Got Screwed By White People And Now We Have to Make It Up Somehow" Scholarship or something?

Edit: Matija has informed me that his sister won this award this year. He also would like everyone to know that his family is not Jewish.

(Also, I see they gave Vaughn some award with the name of some Hindu guy...)

You'd think the school would be smart enough to ETHNICALLY ALIGN the awards.

P.S. I don't remember whatever the fuck award I got, probably named after some White Dude, but I'm pretty sure I blew through that 1K pretty quickly buying shit.

The Moral of the Post: It doesn't matter what award you win, whether Jewish, Asian, or Caucasian, as long as they hand you a big stack of Queen Elizabeths, it's all good.


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