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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

This has to be my favourite show on TV. It's filmed in my hometown of Vancouver, and I think friend worked on the set or something. It's pretty damn awesome for a science fiction TV Show (The best EVER probably), and one reason for that is because it is so DARK. There isn't a light moment in the show EVER. It's so heavy and burdens the audience.

Even though I love the show, I still have lots of beef with the show. Perhaps I don't know... because the show is RACIST!!!!

A brilliant written shot and produced piece of unintended racism, but still racism.

I'm just going to list my beef with the show from small beef to large beef:

1) Not really a racial thing, but it kind of drains from my "geeky-living-in-my-mom's-basement-fantasizing-about-alternate-universes-moment" when I see the Vancouver Public Library on the planet of Caprica. Just a minor thing.

2) It is obviously justifiable that when Cally (My favourite character) on the show shot Sharon she only got 30 days of jail. Previously good behavior, too valuable to lose to too much jail time (fixing ships)... but it's pretty obvious she only got off light because she was a sweet little innocent White girl. I bet you if a Black dude shot Sharon some White marine would have shot the guy saying it was "self-defense" and "the minority suspect was a threat" or some other bullshit the cops use to get away with minority beating.

3) Lieutenant Gaeta's role on the ship angers me greatly. It's pretty clear that he's the CIC bitch, and he has to do all the work without all the glory. Cleaning up viruses, plotting jumps... you know, basic computer and math skills White people don't have.

If I were Gaeta I'd just be like "Plot your own damn jump Colonel, you drunken Irish piece of shit."

Apparently on the Pegasus Gaeta's job being done by a "Lieutenant Hoshi". Guess there's a reason those two ships are alive. All the ships with White navigators are all dead.

4) It's pretty obvious they wrote the Dee character to be smart and tough. So what do they do with the character? Give her a krappy dead-end minimum wage task fit for a minority on Galactica (a TELEPHONE OPERATOR!!!), and then have her somehow let Billy the White Useless Douche to stick his penis in her.

5) They had this loser Asian character pilot that they killed in like 3 episode in season I. I really don't have a problem with the concept of "Expendable loser Asian male with 3 lines that die", but you could have given him a better call-sign. His call-sign was CHUCKLES. It was bad enough that he was the "Expendable loser Asian male with 3 lines that die", but make his callsign the most GIRLISH CALLSIGN EVER? That's just wrong. They might as well made his call-sign Sliteye or something.

"I'm HIT!!"
"Oh well he was going to die eventually."

6) Edward Olmos is a fucking unbelievable actor. And he's Hispanic, which is cool. You knwo what's NOT cool? Cast the most Whitebread actor EVER, not to mention possibly the WORST actor EVER to play his son. Did I mention the son is a totally tool?

Here's insult to injury: Edward Olmos's son is actually ON THE SHOW. (His son plays Hotdog). Terrific casting by the producers. Get some bullshit krap White actor who sucks at his job to play a Hispanic man's son, while the Hispanic actor's actual son plays another peripheral character on the show. Just fucking genius.

7) Sharon

Make the Asian character the traitor.

That's right.

Make the Asian character the fall-guy (or girl). Because Asian people are unscrutable and unscrupulous.

The only reason the character is still alive on the show and able to redeem her self?

Because some White guy gets to stick his penis in her.

Total racial bullshit as usual.

If they were going to insult an Asian female they coudl have made her a bad pilot or something. It would have been at least believable, because we all know Asian females can't drive.


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