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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Must Have Been Snakes On a Train

Kid Dies In Our Department after JUMPING OFF A MOVING TRAIN

So he gets on this train, realizes that this train wasn't stopping at the station he wanted, so when the train is speeding at 100 km/hr by his desired station, he prys the doors open, leaves the train, and hits a support beam in the head. Killed instantly.

Either he was pushed out or it was suicide, because NOBODY is this stupid. I mean, that kid is in my department, and in high school he won AWARDS IN PHYSICS, he MUST have been at least somewhat good at high school physics to know that this is stupid.

Supposedly "he wanted to see his gf" or some bullshit like that. The reason the train didn't stop at his stop was because he got on a train that was half an hour early. Man, that girl must have been a giant bitch or somethin'.

My friend went and checked the schedule. Had he just gotten off the next stop and took a train back, it would have been 5 minutes faster then his ORIGINAL TRAIN.

Our department head (who's a total douche) commented:

Isn't it common sense not to jump off trains?


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