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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today's Words of Wisdom: KICK HIM

I played 3 hours today of soccer… because I saw some guys play in a park as I waswalking by. Played for 3 hours.

At one point… I was defending 1 on 1… my teammate (South AMerican) is SCREMAING:


Of course, I don’t do it.

After the play ends.. I go up to him and ask… “what doyou mean by kick him?”

“I want you to kick him! To tackel!! To step on him! (then he does a stomping motion). So what if you foul, no big deal. Rules are made to be broken. You
foul him a couple of times, he be scared no? Rules are made to be broken. That’s why South American Football is the best.”

P.S. Never slide without long socks on ARTIFICIAL TURF. I have about this palm sized area on my shin without skin right now.


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