Whiter than Rice

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's not me, it's my ovaries

Intersting Conversation Today:

老峻: Tony, 你最近很不耐凡,脾氣很差,很暴躁,感覺像個不定時炸彈一樣. 而且一直抱怨在那邊碎碎念.
(Tony, you're really irritable these days, you know, bad temper, like a ticking time bomb. And you bitch about everything and anything)

Tony: 他媽的我很愛抱怨是很正常的啊. 你認識我多久了.
(So? I always bitch and whine. How long have you known me?)

老峻: 不是,你以前抱怨是有主題的. 比較有組織... 都會為那一樣事情抱怨. 你現在是遇到什麼抱怨什麼. 遇到紅綠燈說幹都遇到紅燈,餐廳東西來的慢也要靠北...
(No no no... before your bitching had a central theme. It was more organized... you'd bitch constantly about one thing in particular. Now it's "something comes up, you bitch about it." We hit a red light you bitch about a red light, we wait for an order and you bitch about the order.

Tony: 我脾氣有差嗎?
(I have a bad temper?)

老峻: 有...昨天打球的時候感覺你要爆發了
(C'mon, you almost blew up when we played b-bal yesterday)

Tony: 我看是經痛吧
(I don't know... probably menstrual pains)

老峻: 幹經痛是一個月一次. 你這個都chronic了.
(Fuck, that shit comes once a month. This is becoming chronic.)


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