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Monday, December 05, 2005

Time to Enlist the Help of My Fellow Vancouverites

OK I hate being known personally on the internet and not knowing who I'm talking to.

I recently signed up at www.vanwhitenoise.com... pissed off some dude after I said the Richmond RCMp was racist.

Anyhooo.... here's the deal:

TWo people on the board said they know me. And I can't figure out who they are. It's annoying.

Poster #1: Fred


Knows a lot about our class. Gave her a list of 25 people, claimed to know all of them, gave decent details about most of them... here's how I'm sure she definitely knows us well:

When I asked who on the list were of the people of David, promptly picked out the 3. Said she went to Tara and Leah's Bar Mitzvahs. So this should tell us.

Goes to UBC

May have gone to General Gordon

Poster #2: Cassio


Friends with Fred.

Doesn't know me that well... but I was sure she knew who I was when i asked her about me. Knew that Liang regularly pwned me, knew that I beefed with Bobek...

Apparently took writing 12.

Supposedly I was hostile to. Who was i NOT hostile to?

I got nothin'

I'm pissed that people know who I am adn i have no idea who i'm talking too.

Very teh annoying.


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