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Sunday, January 01, 2006


I read this rumour today on Primer that really set me off. Here's the rumoured deal:

Mets: Manny Ramirez
Red Sox: Miguel Tejada and Joey Gathright
Orioles: Julio Lugo、Matt Clement Maybe Kris Benson
Devil Rays: Andy Marte、Aaron Heilman、Jae Seo and Kaz Matsui

Hey you, yeah you, the heterosexual life partners...


Manny for Tejada is a great deal. A great hitting "poor" defending LF with lots of money left has a lot less value than a Tejada, a good fielding good hitting SS. We'd have to find two OF's with a deal like that, but it's a plus for the Sox... should save a great deal of runs (if we get a league average LF w/ decent hitting to replace Manny)

Manny and Clement is an OK deal. Clement actually still has pretty good value, despite his troubles last year (the thing is, he wasn't THAT bad, he had some control problems, got beaned, has that ugly goatee, and the bullpen coughed up a lot of his runs)... I'd still consider this OK for us because we lose A LOT of salary in this deal.

But this deal? We give up Marte to get GATHRIGHT? JOEY GATHRIGHT? JOEY GATHRIGHT of the .650 OPS?

Thanks but no thanks.

A little lopsided for the Devil Rays don't you think?

For Lugo, a pretty decent hitting SS, and Gathright, a Nohit McFieldwell, and pick up the last year of KazMat's salary, they get TWO useful young cheap pitchers AND an A prospect in Marte? Yeah, like that's happening.

Anyhoo... there's also a rumour going on that we signed JT Snow. He's a good defensive 1B, but hopefully he won't do anything except be a defensive caddy at 1B, because we do NOT need some geriatric to take away Youkilis's PAs.


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