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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Denmark is Dead to Me

"Just How Many Different Kinds of Stupid Are You"
-Captain Lee Adama, Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 Episode 11

Free speech is great. I like free speech. It allows me to say this shit without getting put in jail. Or being shot by Dick Cheney. It's one of the rights I enjoy as a Canadian citizen. It's one of the rights I enjoy as a Taiwanese citizen. It is one of the rights that all human beings should be able to enjoy.

Free Speech is not something to defend blatant racism with.

For example:
"The damn Jews control the government, they're evil, they take all our work, and something must be done!" is not free speech. It's racism
"The pesky Asians have slitty eyes and small penises, but they take all our work, and somethign must be done!" is not free speech. It's racism.

I fail to see how a picture of "Mohammed" (really, a stereotypical depiction of a Brown dude) with a bomb around his turban is not racism. It is the exact equivalent of "Those Brown people with their silly turbans and suicide bombs. Something must be done!"

1) The Danish Newspaper who started this:

You're a bunch of fucking morons for commisioning people to draw the cartoons, you're bunch of fucking morons for publishing those cartoons, and you're a bunch of fucking morons for not apologizing for your racist shit. Slandering an entire race of people on the acts of a few is not free speech. It is not satire. It's bullshit.

2) The Danish Government:

Don't give me this "we can't apologize because we're not in charge of the paper" garbage. What you say is this:

"We're sorry that one of our publications published this racist and offensive material. The Danish Government and the Danish people would like to apologize to the Muslim and Arab World for the abhorrent slander on your race and your religion. These so-called "artists" do not represent the Danish people, and we will make sure this situation will be properly dealt with. Also, we will ensure that no more racist offensive cartoons will ever be published in Denmark again."

3) The Iranians:

I would be angry too... but as usual, they take it a little too far. Protests in the streets? I'd show up. A boycott of Danish goods? Nothing wrong with a little "economic sanctions". The Holocaust Cartoons? That takes it a little far. I also would not burn embassies and chant "Death to Denmark". Denmark is Dead to me anyway.

I can't remember where I saw this (probably the Daily Show), but these protestors really have trouble staying on-topic. For once, "Death to America" is not really relevent. I guess they're just used to it. It's like that Simpson's episode where Lisa does something wrong and Homer reflexively yells at Bart.


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