Whiter than Rice

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, that guy isn't going home.


Whatever sympathy I had for Byun-Hyun Kim? Gone.

He comes on with no outs and Matsunaka on 2nd after hitting a double off some 21 yaer old lefty.

He K's Tamura because Oh wants him to lay down a bunt and fails.

Then Oh-san brings in Fukudome, who's hitting about .100 this tournament... and Kim throws this 83 mph hanging slider RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE and Fukudome PWNS him to RF and he BAT FLIPS.

Osagawara and his rugged good looks comes up to bat next... Kim plunks him with the FIRST PITCH that was about 10 feet off teh plate, the ump comes out and warns both teams.

Then Kim throws a WP, Osagarawa advances.

Then Satozaki doubles.

So your typical BHK meltdown inning, except with a classless plunking (instead of his normal control problems), and the loss of National Pride.

That plunking?





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