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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do These Guys Even KNOW They Suck?

The Shit List:


Everytime I thought he has reached his maximum uselessness, he ceases to amaze me with his krappiness. He was on for like five fucking minutes. Takes one penalty that was absolutely moronic, and his other penalty was when he was beaten due to his utter uselessness


Took an absolutely BONEHEAD penalty today. Had one or two decent shift but otherwise was useless the entire night creating NOTHING on the forecheck


Did NOTHING all day. Had an "assist" but really just a lucky bounce. The bounces went our way ALL night long.

Whatever Moron On the Coaching Staff That Decided to Bench Rick Nash

He was bad in the Finland Game, but no worse than the rest of these morons. Send him out there!

Adam Foote

Made some big hits, but had some trouble playing the puck, and if you don't stop icing the puck with those fancy long passes from your own zone, the health of my roomates will be in danger.

The Not Teh Suck

My Guys - Smyth/Doan/Richards

Richards had an awesome game killing penalties. Got a great bounce for his goal, but hey, gotta be lucky to be good and good to be lucky. Doan again great on the PK and was effective when he was on hitting people. Smitty did his usual, drove to the net, did dirty work, came back to check and on St. Louis's fluke goal was battlign in front of the net which I'm sure had something to do with it.


The St. Louis/Vinny/Smyth line was by far the best line even strength. St. Louis again looked a little outmuscled but had good speed today. He missed a check when I think Kaberle hit the post, but no matter. Vinny was physical and good.

General PK Goodness

I don't want to giev Kris Draper his own category, but he's doing his job on the PK. Sakic, Richards, Doan, Smyth, Draper, and d-men other than McCabe - good job. I know it was Blake that took that penalty that made us go down 5 on 3, but I missed that part somehow and didn't see the replay, so I don't know what happened. I want to assume it was moronic and move on.

Todd Bertuzzi

If you apply the Bertuzzi Scale of Stupidity Adjustment to his performance against the Czechs, he'd rate a 29 out of 10. He took ZERO penalties, was actually went near the boards, HIT players, and one actually HIT A PLAYER IN HIS OWN ZONE. HARD.

Whatever Genius on the Coaching Staff That Decided to Stop Playing Pronger 30 minutes a Night

Maybe he's been on the internet. I don't know.

Marty Brodeur

Quebec STILL justifying its existence. Let's hope this continues.

The Czech Defense:

I knew Kubina was good. I've always liked Spacek and thought he had a good game. When were the Kaberle's this good? Tomas was ASSERTIVE and Frantisek Kaberle didn't suck! And Marek Greztky was damn solid.


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