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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Irrational Anger Due to Loss of Nationalistic Pride, Part II

Some Quotes:

You can say Paul Kariya should be here. - Bob McKenzie

Btw, the context was this:

You can go through that whole exercise, but guys that were here have some explaining to do.

I've heard that a lot from people NOT Bob McKenzie. And it wasn't in THAT context.

Paul Kariya?

"But Paul Kariya would have fared well on the big ice!"

Please. You mean a forward with a similar skillset to Martin St. Louis?

(You can apply the same conversation to Crosby/Phaneuf/Staal/Spezza)

The Team Canada coaches and executives, not unlike their American cousins, were left scratching their heads about why they didn't generate enough offense.

Quinn said Canada was guilty of trying to stretch the ice by employing the wrong methods. The forwards got too far away from the defense in the transition game. Passes couldn't be completed and the defense didn't have the ability to skate the puck forward effectively. Teams sat back and challenged Canada to come at them.

Why the fuck didn't you figure this out BEFORE the game.

"We tried to play this stretch game where instead of playing with speed, we stood still thinking that we were stretching," Quinn said.

You see, when I bitch about those long passes that don't do anything except for ice the puck, nobody listens.

General talk about leadership of Yzerman and Lemieux

I no longer buy that "leadership" stuff anymore, but I seriously ponder if a bunch of 40 year olds with broken bodies would have been slower than the current team. At least Steve Yzerman can win a draw, not to mention those two are seriously the CLUTCHEST PLAYERS EVAR

"We lost a couple of guys to injury and certainly Scott Niedermayer could bring some speed." -Quinn

Yeah, a non-pylon like Neidermayer would have helped. But one non-pylon out of 7 who's out tehre for 25 minutes means you still have pylons out there for 35 minutes.

Aptar of Vanwhitenoise.com:
This team DESPERATELY needed a spark

You mean playing in the Olympics with the best players in teh World and representing your country isn't a spark? Do we need to promise players sexual favours from Gretzky's wife?

...A competent, puck carrying offensive defenseman was a huge weakness for this team...

How this has anythign relevant to a Jovanovski conversation other than "he should be traded for something like that" I have no idea. In fact, no sentence with "Jovanovski" and "Competent" should ever exist.

This is a guy who has consistently been an offensive spark for Canada and the Canucks in the playoffs. Instead of going out without an offensive peep in the last 10 mins, I'd much rather have seen Jovo spending that 3rd period playing his vertical game, crashing the front of the net, gambling, etc.

Yes, because having Jovanovski trying to carry through the neutral zone against four opposing sweaters lined up without puck support is fine idea. (I think that theme has been worn out already, but I'm not the one commiting that heinous crime against humanity, don't shoot the messenger)

Perhaps Canada's problem was the team was too talented. - nhl.com

There's no such thing as "too much talent". When the only two things players are doing are

a) Nothing
b) Stupid things

There is no such thing as "too much talent."

This was lazy hockey. This was STUPID hockey.


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