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Monday, October 09, 2006

Stupid Dead Kid, Part II

Anyways, I took the train back from from Taichung to Taipei... a few notes

1) My train stopped at the station the kid died at. There was a metal pole every FIVE FRAKKING METERS.

2) By my calculation, it took 12 FRAKKING MINUTES to get to Taichung to Fengyuan. 12 FRAKKING MINUTES. So had the kid not jumped and took another train back, the trip back would have been 12 FRAKKING MINUTES. Maybe a little longer, 25 AT THE MOST

3) I don't even know how to get the frakking door open when the train is moving. The electronic override is locked, and you can't pry the door open with your own hands.

Seriously, Charles Darwin called, and the kid picked up.


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