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Sunday, May 29, 2005

No, Why don't YOU Go Back To Your Trailer Park You White Trash

Player-Fan Incident Rears Its Ugly Head

That became clear this week when the Reds unceremoniously dumped closer Danny Graves a day after he cursed at a fan and flipped him off.

Should Graves have done that?

Probably not.

Was it understandable after the fan reportedly yelled, "Go back to Vietnam, you slant-eyed (vile epithet)," to the Saigon-born pitcher?
Hell, yes.

Now... Danny Graves is a shitty pitcher. There's no denying that. He's been terrible this year, he wasn't that great before, and he wasn't DFAed (Cut from the team in layman's terms) because he is half Asian.

Is the fan still a douchebag?

Hell yeah.

Also, wrt to this incident, the commentary of Nick Lachey. I'm not sure if he's defending the fan or not, but the title of the article is "Reality is, this fan is riled up" but does not mention the racial part of the incident and instead mentions that the release of Graves was unfair.

I'm really quite neutral about the article, I'm just surprised Nick Lachey can read or write. You'd think after having sex with a woman as stupid as Jessica Simpson a man would be rendered illiterate.


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