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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Belgium is Dead To Me

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We're down 2-1 (we were down 2-0 early, we score an early goal in the second half... I came on as a sub at the start of the second half because we were so terrible on D and we were constantly getting outmuscled...)

I carry into the opposition zone (I'm a RB, I usually NEVER carry)... i have bad ball skills... I lose the ball, and in a moment of total stupidity, i slide-tackle some 6'4 White Dude in some vain hope to get the ball back.

By some stroke of miraculous luck, i DON'T get carded, and the OTHER 6'4 White Dude (i hear he's Belgian) just FLIPS out and starts talking trash, in Mandarin no less. Of course, me being the jackass I am, told him to, in these exact words "cry him a bloody river".


Durign this time, I was walking AWAY from him, back to my defensive position. In reality I wanted to get some distance from the guy before he went apeshit and pounded me into the next life.

The guy I slid-tackle... was cool. THe other guy (who's been pretty dirty and whiny the entire game) just went off the hook, and started fouling EVERYBODY and was trying to carry through 4 people with the ball (not happening of course, he was good, but not THAT good)...

during this one play where we were awarded a free kick, he KICKS the my teammate in the leg FROM BEHIND... i was about to go have a "chat" with him (yes, chat, I don't to die, but I was planning to question his ancestry) when I see the referee starts to reach into his pocket. I don't go up to him because I assume this is going to be a red card, so I back off.

It's a bloody yellow.

In retrospect, I was pretty pissed off. I'm a shit disturber, but I finish my own krap. Should have went for a little "cultural exchange" session. Next time perhaps.

All's well that ends well though, we score on a last minute 30 yard free kick (Dude from Macau), and we tie the game.

The saga is not over:

One of our guys goes up to angry White man and goes "Peace man, calm down"...

Angry White Man SLAPS my buddy to the ground, and hell almost broke loose. Our Malaysian teammate was going to do soething stupid, but he was stopped (because he was about 1 foot smaller than Angry White Man).

God I look terrible in that stupid Green bib I had to wear. I don't have a uniform.


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