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Friday, October 27, 2006

What I've Been Saying All These Years is Now Finally Law

Scottish Judge Rules Chinese People ALL LOOK SAME!!


LONDON (AFP) - A Scottish judge cleared a student from China of a motoring offence after claiming that "all Chinese people can look the same", a newspaper has reported.

Sheriff Margaret Gimblett dismissed the evidence of two police officers who had identified Hui Yu, 23, who had been charged with driving without insurance.

She was quoted by The Times Monday as telling Greenock Sheriff Court, near Glasgow: "Without wanting to be derogatory in any way, sometimes it is said that all black people look the same at first glance and the same can be said that all Chinese people can look the same to a native Scot.

"It's only when you have time to look that you begin to see the differences."

"It is the same for Chinese people -- we find it quite hard at first to tell the difference between groups of Scots," the Times quoted him as saying.


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