Whiter than Rice

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm Not Saying I'd Do Something Like This, but I Understand.

Mandarin Article

It's ok if you're an ignorant White man that doesn't speak another language. (Note: FRENCH IS NOT A REAL LANGUAGE.) The gist of the story is that some medical student here due to academic stress proceded to stab his fellow students and then locked himself in and then CUT HIS OWN BALLS OFF.

This is my favourite part of the article:

Doctors say even though the wound was closed, this scrotum has suffered massive trauma and his future fertility might be affected.

I wonder why his fertility might be affected. How about his TESTICLES WERE REMOVED FROM HIS BODY.

On a related note, I just had my microbiology lab final. So Don't be Shocked if I come home next summer walking funny.

Man, this country is just fucked. I mean, the only thing that was REMOTELY close to something like this back home was Andrea's basement dungeon rig. Ane even though scrotal removal was also one of the popular options, she was a professional who could make sure the temporary pain distraction did not affect your future fertiility functions. Oh how I am so homesick.